Title:Masters Study-4

Title:Masters Study-4
Head of a woman after Leonardo da vinci
Medium: Camel Sienna Indian Ink, dip pen
Indian Handmade paper 20x14 inches
Duration: 6 hours
Reference: Leonardo da vinci
Status:Not for Sale!

Working on few ideas for upcoming paintings, so to freshen my mood spent few hours studying this work from master Leonardo. Original work was done through chalk on paper and this work is currently at Royal Library, Windsor. While studying this work, i could feel how the master would have observed the model in person and how his craft and heart gave life to this work. Enjoy studying these works from the masters.

Did few drafts in a rough sheet and then worked on it, first attempt was a utter failure. My second attempt is satisfactory. Bought this Indian handmade sketch book many years back, didn't get to use it. Tried it today, it's good for ink work, takes many layers of ink, it's not good enough for watercolors though!