Likely solutions!

It would be unfair, if I just put forth the issues and not mentions what i feel are suggestions to overcome these factors.

How to give quality artwork at a buyable price?
-Rather than investing heavily on camera gear for any upcoming artists, i would suggest renting them. Once we get to financial stability one would think about purchasing them.
-Also artists need not be master class photographers, images are needed only for reference.
-Rather than flocking to the skyrocketing sanctuaries , there are so many other sanctuaries which are seldom visited by nature lovers. These sanctuaries are great places to observe nature and lesser know wildlife.
-If still it would great to visit nearby lakes and parks where we get to observe birds and flora.

How to reconnect to nature and bring in more Wildlife artists?
-To start off, it would great idea to take kids on walks at a local park, rather than spending time watching the idiot box.

-Occasionally take them on birdwatching trips with groups within the city itself.
- There are various Sketching groups with every city, it would great idea to join them on outdoors sketching.( Great example: Pencil Jammers sketching group- i've learn't a lot from this group and made some great friends as well) -Visit their webpage: jammers
-What we are lacking in India is a Society for Wildlife artists, it is my dream to create one such Society were all Wildlife artists can gather and support each other.

This image was made for Birds of Bangalore project at lake, which later transformed into an artwork. 

So nature and wildlife is all around us, we just need to keep our eyes and ears open!