Life is a Safari!

Since Wednesday i've been suffering from severe neck pain from which i am slowly recovering. Got myself Camel Artist Colors last weekend and was itching to try them out!

Title:Life is a Safari!
Paper:Cartridge paper
Weight:90 gsm
Size:A4 size
Charcoal:Subha 68 Crayons
Duration: 15 Minutes

Made few study works for a watercolor painting.Charcoal is a great medium to work on quick drafts.

Paper:Anupam Acid free/ph neutral Watercolor paper
Weight:200 gsm
Size:A4 size
Colors:Camel artist watercolors-(Burnt Umber,Raw Umber,Gamboge Hue,Prusssian Blue)
Ink: Camel Indian Ink
Duration: 3 Hours
Reference: Own image!

Below the comparison between study-work and completed work!