Stick Grasshopper

Title:Stick Grasshopper
Paper:Fabriano Accademia
Weight: 200gsm
Size:14,8x21 cm
Pen:Daler-Rowney Dip Pen
Ink: Camel Black Indian Ink and Burnt Sienna
Duration: 1.5 Hours

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Yesterday's morning to a near by park was a eventful one, apart from the Rose Ringed Parakeets,Jungle Myna's,Spotted Owlet came across this Stick Grasshopper. They mimic to be part of the plant to escape from the keen eyes and like most of the insects depend on camouflage to survive. Spent 1.5 hours watching them and they hardly moved an inch and even when i approached them close to observe the details, they stood their ground and helped me make few study sketches.

We really don't know when and where our next interesting encounter is waiting for us!