Monarch Safari Park

Title: Monarch Safari Park
Paper:Oxford Sketch Pad
Weight: 120gsm
Size:8.1/4x11.1/2 cm
Pen:Daler-Rowney Dip Pen
Ink: Camel Black Indian Ink and Burnt Sienna
Duration: 3 Hours
On location

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From my archives, one can find these antique lanterns all over the resort and hence i found it apt to make this image. It was great experience visiting Monarch Safari Park at Masinagudi last year. Made many on location sketches there and also enjoyed watching elephants,spotted deers at a close by water hole. About 45 species of Birds spotted in two days.One of the most beautiful places to stay and watch nature from close quarters.

Got Burnt Sienna yesterday and was trying them for the background, loving this earth color, much transparent than the Black one and moves smoothly over the surface. Will work with them on few more works and lets see how well i can handle it!