Paper:Handmade Paper
Weight: 180gsm
Size:9.5x4.5 cm
Pen:Daler-Rowney Dip Pen
Ink: Camel Black Indian Ink and Burnt Sienna
Duration: 45 Minutes

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When you are held up with multiple engagements and left very little time to do what you like to do, this is what happens. Found this great sketch book last weekend, its easy to carry around.No brand name though, however its works. Hence decided to dedicate this entire sketch book to still life's. Its always great habit to observe shapes,size,light source,shadows and textures while drawing still life. Great exercise for any artist.Now off to my Common Hoopoe Drawing!

Lota is small vessel of brass,copper or steel in South Asia. A Lota is commonly used to store or transfer small amounts of liquids like water, particularly for cleaning and ritual purification. In the Indian subcontinent, the lota is employed to cleanse oneself.