Incubating Tern

Title: Incubating Tern
Paper:Oxford Sketch Pad
Weight: 120gsm
Size:8.1/4x11.1/2 cm
Pen:Daler-Rowney Dip Pen
Ink: Camel Black Indian Ink
Duration: 8 Hours
Reference: My own image

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While we are working on the Wildlife Art workshop in the background, let see what's the latest on my easel?

Testing  the nip no 5 of the Daler Rowney Dip pen to its ultimate potential, total eight grueling hours spent on this River Tern study. Did couple of study sketches before making this drawing. I always make study works before making the actual drawing, the study works remain with me even after the finished work gets sold. My study works are dear to me and it shows the artist real process and technique in making his artworks. Though old style, time consuming way of working, it helps me build my confidence while drawing free hand. Ink drawing also help me concentrate more on each stroke, there's no second chance, so it tests my skills as well.

Now about the River Tern, it was interesting to watch them at the Bhadra River Tern Lodge in March is year. Breeding season was almost coming to an end and was able to watch many of them incubating their eggs. During breeding season these terns have enlongated tails hence wanted to capture the enlongated tail as well as the incubating scene. One of the most enjoyable experience i've had till date.I've loved making every tiny feather of this River Tern, hope you'll enjoy them too?