Paper:Fabriano Accademia
Weight: 200gsm
Pen:Uni-ball gel impact(Waterproof ink)
Ink: Parker ink pen.
Duration: 3 hours

During my birdwatching outings on the outskirts of Bangalore the lakescapes are mind-blowing to say the least.They are home to kingfishers,wagtails,ducks,pelicans,storks,sunbirds etc. Though this tree doesn't provide any shade,its home to many insects and spiders.While sketching this lakescape i spotted my first Ruddy Breasted Crake.Spent the next 3 hours drawing this field sketch and simultaneously watching the crakes as well. There were two of them at one point of time, female and a juvenile.By the time i was done with the sketch had several tick bites and had to move towards more sunny area.While the crakes were still nibbling away to glory.

Visited the same spot again the next week.Only to find the water level had risen and the nesting ground was destroyed.They might have moved to safer ground, i suppose.Haven't spotted them again during my many recent outings.