Spring poetry

Artist have various other hidden talents, just waiting to be explored. Spring is so inspiring, it kindles every tender soul and shows us that there's always hope and light to look forward too. I've been slowly writing down my thoughts on nature and seasons from about five years or so. Not top notch stuff however scribbles and pondering's , observations,struggles on how weather plays such vital role on human behavior.

Life and nature have a lot in common, every occurrences happens for a reason and has season.

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Prasad Natarajan

Below is one of my recent scribbles

Unflowering Spring

Fresh pollens fill soft morning light,
Tender leaves just emerge from branches,
Little stream’s sweet flowing sight,
Some brown sienna hay in purple patches,

Burning bright blooms across the streets,
Pink frocks petals fluttering in the breeze,
Warmth in the air like rhythmic jungle beats,
Dancing to their tune, the jolly go bees,

Park benches full of young lovers now,
Fragrance spread from soul to soul,
Spring is here, I see it on her green brow,
Unknown names on Unflowering trees take a stroll.

@Prasad.N March 28th 2014
All rights reserved to Prasad.N

Poet's Thoughts:Even Unflowering trees deserve a mention in spring, numerous young lovers engrave hearts, names and so many young memories are registered on these trees trunks.