Shopping Small

As this year is slowly coming to an end, why not think seriously about shopping ‘SMALL’? . . . Small meaning local, neighborhood, independent. And, how much more local and independent can you get than an artist, crafts-person, sculptor or other creative soul? Supporting those of us who make by hand keeps the creative soul prospering, adding much needed beauty to the world through their own personal ideas and thoughts. Even a small purchase from a creative 'maker' this Holiday season will go a long way in supporting and continue to help nurture the creative souls among us. Imagine an original work of art sitting on your shelf, hanging on your wall, adds so much more beauty and emotion to your surroundings. Seriously think about it!


Terry Miller said…
Hmm, interesting posting . . . words seem quite familiar.
Prasad.N said…
i've been following your work and blog Sir, these words are from your blog,should have taken your permission before posting them!Kindly accept my Apologies! However i am glad it caught your attention. Your works are truly inspiring and out of the world!